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How long have you been frustrated with your computer? Let me help you! We now do tutoring or arrange repairs remotely, too! And if you thinkyou have a computer virus – we’ll remove it remotely also!

I’m Stacy and I love helping customers learn more about how to use their computers, laptops and Smartphones. And now we can do it all remotely so you don’t have to worry about the Corona Virus! And if it needs repair, we’ll arrange for that too. I understand when you feel frustrated when something doesn’t work the way you think it should – we’ve all been there. My job is to help you get rid of those feelings and make your computer FUN again! Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Virus Removal, Malware Removal, Software Updates, Tutoring – we do it all!  I’ll check your computer for viruses, find out why it seems so slow, verify your Internet provider is delivering the speed you paid for, etc. I’ll also help you update any software or help you with learning Windows or Mac. Maybe just hold your hand and give encouragement to help you with any computer questions you have. We also remotely give personal computer tutoring lessons in your home or office to avoid virus concerns! Group sessions for any organization are also available. 

Serving Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Northport, Venice, Englewood and surrounding areas.

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"Stacy, thank you so much for all the help with my tutoring. You really took the time to explain all the aspects of computer use. I'll recommend you to anyone."
"I had what I now know was a virus on my computer. Stacy removed it and my computer ran like it was brand new."
"Stacy has been very patient and kind. We have not been easy to teach but she doesn't seem to mind. We have progressed more than we ever thought possible."
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Thermal Security Camera

Article provided by: Thermal Camera CCTV

Thermal Security Camera

Few people speak about the shadow side of the thermal security camera. While technology continues to be of great advantage to society, it is not a complete or perfect solution for all situations. The following are some of the limitations that you should know while using thermal technology:

Minimal contrast

Thermal imaging relies on contrast to define objects. You may have a difficult time visualizing the clarity of specific items when you use begin using a thermal camera. This condition can make the technology less effective when you expect a fast definition of surfaces and objects.

Limited visuals

While Thermal Camera Solutions uses real images in its display, some thermal cameras can only display the thermal representations of the target. Thermal cameras have a resolution limit of 640 x 480. The configurations mean that long ranges will lack the resolutions needed to differentiate animals or particular objects.

Glass obstructions

Glass blocks the visions of a thermal camera because it emits heat. It has partial reflection and is, therefore, a limitation when viewing through buildings and vehicles.

The above limitations will often render every viewing opportunity unique. Our store is handling unbeatable camera systems that deliver the best specific performance. We have experience with many brands and have become a favorite in the US since our establishment in 1984. A reputable thermal camera user will advise you to consider learning the fundamentals that help create the best usability of the thermal security camera.

How to adjust the camera for the best result


Focus is the accuracy of the temperature measurement and the quality of the image. A blurry vision has poor focus, while a sharply defined one has optimum focus. A blurred image could be due to a misalignment of focus by up to twenty degrees or more. Choose the focus type among the fixed, automatic, and manual options to ensure the target matches the distance of the visual inspection.


The materials used in a thermal imaging lens will often define the efficiency of the IR energy, and the quality of the image. A loss of too much IR energy through the optics causes loss of details in the picture. Our camera selections have high-quality materials that transmit consistent energy through the detector.


The number of pixels on the IR camera is key to the quality of the image. Each pixel detects the temperature of the target area; hence a high number of pixels enhances the details and accuracy of measurements.

Field of view

A field of view is the area the scanner can accommodate through the lens at one time. The FOV collaborates with the resolution to define an image’s quality. A wide FOV is better for inspection of a close-up target, such as details on an electrical board. The narrow FOV is better for a camera that should scan small objects.  

A thermal security camera from our store has enough setting variations to help you get the best clarity for all sizes of images and distances. We include accessory items like stands for further customization and in-depth details. Contact us for all the tools you will need to acquire a high-resolution image with relaxed and minimal manipulation.


Thermal Security Camera
Thermal Camera CCTV
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