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How long have you been frustrated with your computer? Let me help you! We now do tutoring or arrange repairs remotely, too! And if you thinkyou have a computer virus – we’ll remove it remotely also!

I’m Stacy and I love helping customers learn more about how to use their computers, laptops and Smartphones. And now we can do it all remotely so you don’t have to worry about the Corona Virus! And if it needs repair, we’ll arrange for that too. I understand when you feel frustrated when something doesn’t work the way you think it should – we’ve all been there. My job is to help you get rid of those feelings and make your computer FUN again! Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Virus Removal, Malware Removal, Software Updates, Tutoring – we do it all!  I’ll check your computer for viruses, find out why it seems so slow, verify your Internet provider is delivering the speed you paid for, etc. I’ll also help you update any software or help you with learning Windows or Mac. Maybe just hold your hand and give encouragement to help you with any computer questions you have. We also remotely give personal computer tutoring lessons in your home or office to avoid virus concerns! Group sessions for any organization are also available. 

Serving Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Northport, Venice, Englewood and surrounding areas.

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"Stacy, thank you so much for all the help with my tutoring. You really took the time to explain all the aspects of computer use. I'll recommend you to anyone."
"I had what I now know was a virus on my computer. Stacy removed it and my computer ran like it was brand new."
"Stacy has been very patient and kind. We have not been easy to teach but she doesn't seem to mind. We have progressed more than we ever thought possible."
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Sacramento iPhone repair

Article provided by: RC Iphone Repair

Sacramento iPhone repair

Getting A Professional Sacramento iPhone Repair

There have been several iterations of the iPhone since its initial release in 2007 which have primarily been released on an annual cycle. Improved graphics, faster processing, and other new features have been part of the improvements that are often experienced along with every rendition.

Interestingly, there have been different levels of reparability affecting different models. In the realm of iPhone repair, challenges will always arise and dissipate, as each model is superseded by a newer version of iPhone. When it comes to iPhone woes, smashed screens are often the most common repairs people encounter.

Unlike later models that do not offer any simple repair, the 3G’s are always the easiest to repair particularly when it comes to replacing the display assembly, as they are built with replaceable separate glass panels. This is just one in hundred challenges people face when seeking to perform an iPhone repair work.

Unfortunately, in Sacramento, many iPhone users do not know that their devices are user-serviceable because they’ve been told otherwise. When you are faced with the challenge of using a broken device, it is good to know that you can get the help you need form a professional Sacramento iPhone repair work.

Why stress yourself searching for the nearest Apple Store when you can easily get your iPhone fixed in Sacramento without wasting any time. So, what do you stand to get when you seek the services of a professional Sacramento iPhone repair expert?

First-hand repair services

Basically, the major aim of seeking an iPhone repair service is to get your device in a good working order again. Whether you’ve got an iPhone 3Gs or an iPhone 7, you can get all the help you need through a professional Sacramento iPhone repair. One good thing about it is that you can get your iPhone repaired wherever and whenever you choose to without having to wait days in long queues to be attended to at an Apple Store.

It’s as simple as servicing your car. All you need do is to let the Sacramento iPhone repair expert know about your device and the repair you need. You can even have a technician come to you to fix your device for you by simply scheduling a repair. It doesn’t take time to have your device fixed (usually within an hour). One good thing about this is that it will even be guarded by a warranty so you don’t even have to worry.

Beyond physical damage

It is important to understand that not all iPhones get broken as a result of physical damage. Sometimes, this could be due to an internal malfunction as no hardware design is perfect (including the iPhone). Most of these devices begin to experience certain malfunctions such as battery failure, unresponsive power buttons, home buttons, switches, and buttons once users are out of warranty. It’s a common problem that can affect anyone. But the good news is that it can be effectively corrected. Whether it’s fixing an unresponsive power button or replacing a dock connector, you can always get your iPhone repaired in Sacramento.


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