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Personal Computer Vs. Mobile Device

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What is better, a mobile devices or a Laptop?

The Difference in Operating Systems

The most popular operating systems now are Windows for laptops and Android for smartphones. And there is also iOS and MacOS for Apple devices. The major difference is that operating systems on notebooks are not as limited by features and the number of software as operating systems of smartphones because Windows is used on desktops as well. Hence, it is more capable and gives you more freedom.

Battery Lifespan

Today most devices are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that live for about 4 years, depending on how they are charged and stored. After about 500 circles of charging they start to lose capacity. It is recommended to keep the device away from heat (over 86.0 °F) or extreme cold (below 0ºF) and not to charge it up to 100% and discharge down to 0%. Ideally, keeping the charge between 75% and 65% at 68ºF conduces to the least capacity loss. In real life, however, it is more practical to charge the device to 75% and discharge to 25%. Avoid ultra-fast charging with high voltage because it heats the device and shortens the battery lifespan. 

Internal Memory

Laptops usually have more internal memory, 512 GB on average. However, today’s flagship cell phones don’t lag with a minimum of 128 GB, expandable with a micro SD card up to 2 T on some Android phones, while many portable computers don’t support micro SD cards although you can upgrade the internal storage drive if you need more place for your data on the laptop.

The pros and cons of mobile devices compared with laptops:

  • Operating systems on laptops are less limited.
  • Laptops have better performance than phones or tablets.
  • You can use most notebooks without batteries.
  • Phones and tablets are less comfortable for typing.
  • The internal memory of a mobile devices is usually smaller.
  • Notebooks are equipped with more ports, but they lack built-in LTE connectivity, unlike smartphones.
  • Phones are usually cheaper.

Laptops are more productive and convenient for working but less portable than smartphones.

So decide for yourself. What do you need: a big, powerful, and convenient for work portable computer or a compact mobile PC with LTE connectivity and also very impressive performance, provided that it’s a premium phone? Think twice before you buy a new laptop or smartphone. I hope this article and our device comparison tool will help you make the right choice.

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