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How Data Is Lost On A Computer

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5 Common Causes of Data Loss

Data loss can be caused by many different factors, and each poses a unique problem for data recovery. Hard drive crashes account for the highest percentage of data loss, but human errors and issues with software follow closely behind

  • 67 percent of data loss is caused by hard drive crashes or system failure
  • 14 percent of data loss is caused by human error
  • 10 percent of data loss is a result of software failure

Awareness of the types of data loss and the risks associated with losing data is essential for preventing data loss that can be a major cost to your business.

  1. Human Error
    Humans are not infallible — we all make mistakes and sometimes they’re big ones. For businesses, these mistakes can result in the unintentional deletion of data files or sections of text. Without realizing it, employees can overwrite important files or delete information that is essential to your business. Human error can also play a role in many other main causes of data loss, including hard drive damage, liquid spills, software corruption and hard drive formatting.
  2. Viruses and Malware
    Most people think of viruses when you ask them what causes data losses. For businesses, viruses can steal and delete swaths of data or bring business operations to a crawl, destroying company functionality. A computer often gets a virus from an email-based attack or through phishing that tempts an employee to click on a corrupted link. This link then allows the virus or malware to enter the computer system to damage or steal files.
  3. Hard Drive Damage
    The majority of data losses occur due to hardware malfunctions, with the primary perpetrator being the hard drive. Hard drives are the most fragile parts of computers, and around 140 thousand hard drives crash every week. Of these crashes, 60 percent are due to mechanical issues and 40 percent are a result of human misuse or mishandling, including dropping or jostling a computer or laptop. Hard drives can also be damaged if a computer overheats, typically caused by overuse or a build-up of dust in the computer.
  4. Power Outages
    Power outages can interrupt business operations substantially, shutting software systems down without warning. Not only can this result in the loss of unsaved data, but it can also cause existing files to be corrupted due to improper shutdown procedures. Sometimes, entire programs may be rendered non-functional by a poorly timed power outage. If a computer shuts down while it is writing to the hard drive system, it may never start up again.
  1. Software Corruption
    Unexpected or improper software shutdowns may seem innocent on the surface but can cause serious issues for your data. Improper shutdowns can corrupt your data or delete your progress, wasting time and losing valuable data. When software is corrupted it may not be able to run again, meaning you cannot access data stored in that software.

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